RK DG-18

Kinetic ring RK DG-18

stainless steel, brass
acrylic, rollerball-mine, paper

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düsselGOLD 2018

This kinetic ring belongs to a series of Goethe related pieces made for an annual exhibition of a Düsseldorf based jeweller
group called düsselGOLD - founded in 2007.
Every year the Goethe Museum Düsseldorf is hosting this exhibition of contemporary jewellery from around 20 makers.
The group shows work from their collections and at least one piece especially made for this event relating to the - annually
changing - Goethe theme.
In 2018 the theme was the ‘the own handwriting’ - as Goethe was a dedicated collector of autographs.


The hand not only writes in the operation of a writing instrument - it is also a decisive factor of human gestures and describes, emphasizes and intensifies our interpersonal communication with their movements.

A ring that graphically documents these movements - here more for artistic expression and not for scientific purposes - is thus a gestograph.

It documents the movements of the wearer on replaceable paper discs. A writing arm - freely movable over two axes - "describes" the gestures of the wearer - creates a small work of art, which can finally be easily removed and provided for documentation with the date, name of the wearer and a serial number.
The result is a small "handwritten" gestographic unique piece of art.

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düsselGOLD 2018 - The own handwriting
19. - 21. 10.2018, Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

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