1966 in Johannesburg/RSA

Training / Education
1987 – 1990 apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Münster / Germany.
1998 examination as master craftsman

Work Experience
1990 – 1992 gained further experience in Koblenz and Düsseldorf
1992 – 1999 staff member and workshop supervisor – Professor Friedrich Becker, Düsseldorf
since July 1999 own studio in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

kinetic jewellery

enhances the design of jewelry by a fourth dimension: movement.

Individual elements can rotate, be turned or can swing, inspired by the kinetic energy of the body.

Due to the many years of working for and assisting Friedrich Becker, the inventor of kinetic jewellery, the fascination of this extraordinary form of jewellery took hold of Michael Berger too.


Deutsche Welle - All that glitters at Vienna Jewelry Days

The Deutsche Welle made a terrific video portrait during my presentation at Vienna Jewelry Days 2017. Thanks a lot for this!