Kinetic wall piece KWO-FP-01

stainless steel, brass, dichroic glass, ball bearings

22 x 22 x 13cm

My new kinetic wall piece is a further development of my „Flower Power“- kinetic jewellery series  (Instagram Link) which currently contains 2 rings and a brooch.

It works with the incredible colour changing abilitiy of dichroic glasses – especially by being exposed to kinetic movements.

I plan to work here with a small series of pieces, each design maybe 20 pieces. At the moment I just have finished the prototype – there will be other versions with a different lattice structure, but dimensions and inner glass movement will be the same.

These pictures I have done myself with no extra lighting, no colour or coloured walls around, except the back wall which has no influence.
The piece really looks different in every lighting situation. I am looking forward to testing it in a wide variety of room situations.